Privacy Policy

KITAMURA LIMITED(hereinafter called “KITAMURA”)will obtain and use personal information such as name, address, telephone number, email address, etc. from customers, business partners, stakeholders, our boards, employees.

Recognizing the protection of personal information is its social responsibility. KITAMURA comply with related laws and regulations and promote the implementation of the following procedures.

(1)Collecting personal information

KITAMURA will obtain personal information only by fair, appropriate means.


(2)Purpose of collecting personal information

Personal information obtained from customers will be used for the following purposes:

  • Responses to inquiries and requests concerning our service and products, etc. offered by KITAMURA
  • Shipment of some documents and products, etc. offered by KITAMURA
  • Shipment of a direct mail concerning our service and products, etc. offered by KITAMURA
  • Shipment of invitation letter to shows and events which KITAMURA will make a presentation.
  • Implementation of questionnaires for continuous improvement concerning our service and products, etc. offered by KITAMURA


(3)Providing to third parties

Without the consent of the individual, KITAMURA will not provide personal information to any third parties except for cases permitted under the related laws or regulations.
KITAMURA may share and use personal information with third party and may also subcontract the processing of personal information to third party. Such third party will be selected after confirming sufficient level of information security, and KITAMURA will exercise necessary and adequate supervision to the party to ensure maintenance of confidentiality.


(4)Security control measures

KITAMURA will strive to maintain entrusted personal information to be accurate and updated.

KITAMURA will strive to protect personal information from illegal access, computer virus, leakage by unnecessary transfer and send to exterior, modification, loss or destruction, etc. through constructing secure corporate information management system.



KITAMURA may revise the content of this privacy policy.
If the policy is revised, the changes will be made public by reflecting the update in the contents of this website etc.


(6)Inquiries regarding personal information

KITAMURA will properly and promptly respond to comments and requests from the individual regarding handling of personal information such as to review, correct, stop receiving further product or service information from KITAMURA, or to delete personal information of their own after confirming their identity, properly and promptly.


Questions, requests, etc. regarding the handling of personal information by KITAMURA can be submitted to the following office:

General Affairs Department
1-242, Shiratsuchi, Togo-cho, Aich-gun, Aichi, Japan