President Greeting

Striving to be a Trusted Company

Masayuki Kitamura, President and Representative Director, Kitamura Limited

Masayuki Kitamura, Managing Director

KITAMURA LIMITED is a technology company with advanced powder processing capability. However, it is not just our technology that has enabled our company to grow over the last 42 years, it is also our strong customer focus and hard work.

At Kitamura, the course of action that is most important is that we try all possible means to meet our customers’ needs. We do not accept “no” for an answer, and often work in cross-functional teams, even involving Senior Management, to provide a satisfactory solution for our customers. I always ask our people if they have used all efforts possible when faced with a challenge, and the answer must be “yes”…that is my expectation. It is this attitude that has resulted in satisfied customers and the growth of KITAMURA LIMITED.

Masayuki Kitamura
Managing Director