What is the difference between PTFE Solid Powder Lubricants KT/KTL series and general PTFE?

PTFE Solid Powder Lubricants KT/KTL series are processed PTFE. KT/KTL made from general PTFE* are the additives for plastics, paints and inks (like wax). Unprocessed PTFE can not be dispersed into plastics, paints and inks, because unprocessed PTFE is very easy to be agglomerated or fibrillated.
* General PTFE means PTFE for “molding”.

What is the purpose of adding KT/KTL series?

Main purpose is to reduce the friction factor. You can also expect wear resistance, anti-scratch, torque and noise reduction.


We couldn’t make injection molded parts by compounding plastics with PTFE, because of high viscosity. Why not?

You might’ve made a mistake in selecting PTFE.

1) You selected PTFE for molding, not for additives.
2) You selected the grade for PTFE pan coating.( It is agglomerated PTFE under 1μm, relatively high molecular weight, )
3) You selected unsintered (raw), relatively high molecular weight PTFE additives.

The viscosity is surely increasing in case of 1). In case of 2) and 3), it may fibrillate, depending on the condition. KT/KTL series don’t fibrillate in plastics, so you can disperse PTFE uniformly.

There are melted PTFE like bloom on the surface in molding plastics compounded with PTFE. Why?

It is caused by low molecular weight PTFE. These PTFE flow to the surface when they are melted. We recommend KTL-630 or more higher heat resistance grade.


How can we disperse KT/KTL series into the paints?

KTL-8N, KTL-10N, KTL-20N can be dispersed into paints with light stirring. You had better wet PTFE with solvents before adding into the paints. It is easy to disperse Kitamura’s KTL-8N, KTL-10N, KTL-20N, and those grades don’t care dispersing condition so much.

How can we make paints added PTFE without increased viscosity?

The viscosity of paints is not increased by KTL-8N, KTL-10N, KTL-20N. You can apply PTFE in concentrated amounts, even 50wt.%.

How can we solve hard bubbling in adding PTFE into paints.

KTL-8N, KTL-10, KTL-20N don’t make bubbles because there is no air in the particles.


What is the specialized grade for inks?

KTL-4N is specialized grade for inks.

How can we disperse KT/KTL series into the inks & varnishes.

You just need to stir with dissolver.